1. Overview
The role of Application Engineer is to develop engineering solutions using OxTS products or board
sets to meet customer needs. The role involves all aspects of engineering projects including
assessing customer requirements, developing customer hardware and software solutions, supporting
customers, and writing technical documentation. The role requires in-depth understanding of the
functionality and use of the company’s products and board sets and how to adapt them for new
applications. It requires international travel.
2. Duties and Responsibilities
1) Investigate requests for the development of solutions to meet customer applications, originating
from customers or internally from Product Management. Undertake investigative / feasibility
work to develop solutions. Plan and cost projects; provide information to Sales for quotation.
2) Develop application solutions through developing new hardware and software, configuring
OxTS products, and integrating 3rd party products. Test and maintain hardware and software,
including release process, version control, and bug management. Write and maintain
documentation for designs to describe functionality, use and reasons for design decisions.
3) Perform acceptance testing of application solutions to verify correct operation, prior to release
to the market. Resolve any issues found before providing to customers.
4) Manage projects and work as a team member on projects; plan, track and manage development
tasks. Work to deadlines and adapt plans as necessary to meet project objectives. Work
collaboratively with people inside and outside OxTS, and coordinate other departments
involved (such as R&D) to successfully achieve outcomes and results.
5) Use company procedures, processes, and consistent styles. Write, issue and update hardware
and software documentation; adhere to coding standards when developing software. Maintain
traceability, update documentation, use version control for all document changes.
6) Provide expert help for the Support team to help address customer problems with the use of
solutions developed by Application Engineering.
7) Capture and communicate ideas and technical information on solutions, their performance and
application, verbally and in written technical documentation, and provide internally (Marketing,
Sales) and externally to customers and Representatives. Write technical articles and application
notes for customers and for publication. Support promotion of OxTS’s application engineering
capability at industry exhibitions.
8) Manage customer relationship for application engineering projects:
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o Build and maintain a strong working relationship with the customer to understand their needs
and communicate that within OxTS
o Manage programme of work with the customer to agree and plan tasks, track progress,
coordinate meetings and agree actions, resolve issues, manage change.