We are working on behalf of a client of ours who is a market leading  company in providing engineering solutions in electric powertrains.  They are looking for an experienced Test & Development Engineer to bring experience and expertise to the team to help with the companies continuing growth.

Job Details

  • Contribute to the development of the MiTRE system by providing, input and feedback to the engineering group.
  • Build and test microturbine range extender products at full and sub-system level.
  • Effectively schedule tests against the desired plan with the help of the Senior Validation & Process engineer.
  • Report back to the engineering group test results and importantly observations and sensitivities with the system.
  • In conjunction with the Senior Validation & Process Engineer, develop test methods, procedures and capability.
  • Primarily understand the current build procedure and documentation and then begin to refine it towards a more robust mechanism for building MiTRE units to desired specification. Become responsible for all mechanical builds or prototype and low volume production systems.
  • Manage and support the development of the workshop facility including test chambers and equipment. Develop more effective tools and rigs/tests to allow ‘end of line’ signoff of individual MiTRE products.
  • Help prepare and support MiTRE units and equipment for off-site and in-vehicle testing as required.
  • Be willing to support off-site integration work between MiTRE units and a host of possible applications after public launch of the 35kW system (mid 2020).