Data-Logging Experience

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Race Series Experience

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A second-year Motorsport Technology student and course student representative, with several years’ experience in racing, on course for a First-Class Degree. Outstanding teamwork and problem-solving skills in collaboration with teams participating in GT-Cup, Britcar Endurance, Formula Student and Time Attack races. In addition, running own business offering calibration design and trackside support, during academic holidays. Currently looking for a placement in the Motorsport Industry to further develop and broaden my knowledge.



Black Mamba Racing (Optimum Motorsport conjunction)

March 2017 - Current Data/Performance Engineer – Internship during studies

▪ Analyzing and providing valuable data of a Porsche 991 Cosworth GT3 Cup and a Ginetta G55 GT4, racing in GT- Cup, MSVR and Britcar Endurance Championships, for better chassis setup and driving techniques using powerful data analysis softwares and techniques.
▪ Configuring Dashes and Data Loggers before every outing, with suitable software tools.
▪ Assisting with Bosch Motorsport ABS M4 System in setting up changes and bleeding.
▪ Wrote my own Tyre Management and Data Analysis Manual using word processing software to share knowledge within the team of 10.
▪ Managing the onboard cameras and video editing, after every event. Porsche 991 GT3 Cosworth & Ginetta G55 GT4


April 2017 - Current Design, Manufacture and Calibration Engineer

▪ Designed and programmed from scratch an Intelligent Touch Color Display and a Lambda Reader.
▪ Reverse Engineered and upgraded Toyota 4A intake manifold, brake caliper and radiator brackets.
▪ Offering on-track support, as a Data Engineer (suspension tuning, tire management etc.).
▪ Calibrating High Performance Street and Race cars including a reigning Turbocharged S2000 (Black Mamba Driver) and a racing Honda Civic EG.

King Tony Racing Team

January 2012 - September 2016 Race Engineer, Data Engineer

▪ Evaluated Driver’s Performance and Handling Characteristics using appropriate software.
▪ Tuned successfully the Suspensions and Managed Tires of the Time Attack racecars.
▪ Critiqued and Directed racecar’s upgrades, modifications and calibrated their engines.

Oxford Brookes Racing

September 2016 Component Design, Research and Development (R&D) - Powertrain and Aerodynamics

o Research and Development (R&D) – Powertrain September 2016 – August 2017

▪ Coordinated the Exhaust design and assisted on the Intake System design.
▪ Developed the GT-Power Model of the new KTM450 and the Designed Parts.
▪ Researched and Designed Helmholtz resonator for Frequency tuning the engine.
▪ Designed and Manufactured a shifting barrel gear spacer for 1st gear deletion.
▪ Accommodated with chassis dynamometer engine calibration as well as powertrain checks, tests, engine reparations and rebuilds.
▪ Designed and Simulated the Aero Map of the aerodynamic development.
▪ Liaised with Aero Package manufacturing, fitting and validating with the past CAD model.

o Component Design and Research and Development (R&D)– Powertrain and Aerodynamics September 2017 – August 2018

▪ Planned to remap the engine and move from a MoTeC M800 to a new ECU (EMtron).
▪Scheduled to recalculate the tractive effort and acceleration to Optimize the gearing ratios.
▪ Reconstruct the GT-Power Model and Tune the new designed engine components.
▪ Design and Manufacture appropriate Drag Reduction System (DRS).

SolEvo 2015 & 2016, Pascal English School Solar/Electric racecar

Multiple Occasions Team's Advisor

▪ Ensured correct setup, wheel alignment, maintenance and bolt check.
▪ Helped students to calculate and choose final drive ratio and new electric motor.