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A second year Motorsport Technology student with several years’ experience in racing, on course for a First-Class Degree. Outstanding teamwork and problem-solving skills from collaboration with teams participating in GT-Cup, Britcar Endurance, Formula Student and Time Attack races. In addition, running owned business selling racing and on track support, during academic holidays, for last 7 months, currently looking for a placement in the Motorsport Industry to further develop and broaden my knowledge.



Black Mamba Racing

March 2017 - Current Data Engineer

Porsche 991 GT3 Cosworth & Ginetta G55 GT4


April 2017 - Current Race Engineer / Data Engineer/ Calibrator

S2000 Turbo , Honda EG9 , Forester STB EJ20, Mazda mx5

King Tony Racing Team

January 2012 - September 2016 Driver / Race Engineer / Assistant Mechanic

Mitsubishi Evolution, Toyota Corolla AE86 , Honda Integra Type R

Hoosier Racing Tires Cyprus

May 2017 - Current Importer & Reseler

Drag, Circuit, Street and Historic racing tyres